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Drama and chaos as teacher receives SNAKE gift parcel from haters (see photos)

- There was drama at a school in Zimbabwe after a teacher received a gift package that appeared to have a snake inside - School was disrupted as onlookers gathered to investigate the package. - The school authorities called in the police and wildlife authorities. However, they discovered two kittens in the package There was drama and chaos at a primary school in Mashonaland, Zimbabwe, after a teacher received a gift package that appeared to have a large and heavy snake inside.
The package was thought to have a snake inside and wildlife officers handled it with care
Two men reportedly arrived at the school's gate and asked some students to take the package to the teacher, Ms. Maphosa. However, the students grew concerned after noticing it was heavy and seemed to have something moving and writhing in it. They drew the attention of Ms. Maphosa, who became scared and agitated. The package soon attracted the attention of students and people living near the school.
The package attracted t…

TB Joshua is my boy! - Witch doctor Kwaku Bonsam

- Popular Ghanaian witch doctor, Priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam, has had a 'war' with popular Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua, at least once in the last two years - Priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam says he backs up over 1,700 African preachers 'spiritually'
Priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), has come under fire several times for allegedly hiring people to pretend to be sick and disabled and then claim to heal them during his prayer meetings. Kwaku Bonsam, who operates from a shrine at Sa-Peiman, a village on the outskirts of Nsawam in east Ghana, is assumed to be a very strong witch doctor who is also called 'Devil of Wednesday'. Apparently, this Ghanaian "priest" is said to be very powerful, that he has claimed he is the 'spiritual father' of some of the most powerful preachers in Africa. Here's what the "priest" had to say: "Over 1,700 pastors and s…

We have been in London for so long, we cant trace our families - Deported Nigerians cry out

- 41 deported Nigerians from the UK arrived Lagos on Wednesday, February 1 - Some of the deportees have said they can't trace their families - An official of NEMA said they were expecting 83 people not 41
UK deportees arriving at the airport 41 Nigerians were deported from the United Kingdom (UK) and arrived in Lagos on Wednesday, February 1 2017. They were brought home in a chartered Airbus 330 aircraft that landed at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport at about 8am. The National Emergency Management Agency, (NEMA) said that they were deported for alleged immigration offences. NEMA however said it had informed that about 83 deportees were being expected, and that some of them who had not completed their prison sentences would be handed over to the Nigeria Prison Service to complete the terms. According to Vanguard, however, only 43 people arrived, including eight females and 33 males, mostly Yoruba, Edo and Igbo. The deportees were received by Dr Bandele Onimode, Deputy Dire…