What The Newly Admitted Students of Funaab 2016/17 Need to Know before Resumption.

We learnt that the federal university of agriculture Abeokuta released their admission list on JAMB portal but not on the school portal currently, CONGRATULATIONS to those admitted and those awaiting second list.

Let me go straight to the point right away
1. The school will be resuming February ending. We got that from a reliable source in funaab.

2. Before ending of January the acceptance fee portal will be out and I urge you pay as early as possible in other for your admission not to be forfeited.

3. Before resumption there are some documents you need to get ready so you won't get frustrated during the period.... Like your original WAEC result, state of origin, JAMB original result, admission letter and statement of result.

4. Get an accommodation before you resume so you won't be left with no option ..

5. If you will be staying off campus you will have to put two things into consideration like security and would you be able to continue with the house rent next year.

Woman stabs husband to death on Christmas Day

-A woman has been arrested for killing her husband on the ground that he did not provide for the family
Woman stabs husband to death on Christmas day
Woman stabs husband to death on Christmas day
A woman has stabbed her husband to death in the Ikorodu area of Lagos state because he did not provide Christmas money for the family, Daily Post reports.
The woman, identified as Iya Bose, committed the crime in Majidun Awori area of Lagos state on Christmas Day.
The state's police spokesperson Dolapo Badmos confirmed the incident, saying the woman who has since been arrested will be charged to court as soon as investigation is completed.
Meanwhile, a policeman went berserk in Kaduna on Friday, December 23 and shot dead three people in Zaria, including a colleague of his.
He was subdued by a shot to the leg from other police officers before the crowd pounced on him

www.timkushloaded.com: This is our worst Christmas - Lagos prostitutes

www.timkushloaded.com: This is our worst Christmas - Lagos prostitutes

This is our worst Christmas - Lagos prostitutes

Editor’s noteChristmas has always been a period of business boom for some certain professions and among these Christmas-friendly occupations is the age-long trade of prostitution. However, this year’s Christmas has been an exception.
In this report, AANU ADEGUN, Naij.com's Editor writes about the plights of Lagos prostitutes during this year’s Yuletide.
Lagos prostitutes on Christmas
Lagos prostitutes say this year's Christmas was not delightful for them.
A popular brothel called 7up, which is on the same road with the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Ikotun area of Lagos state, can be best described as lifeless when NAIJ.com paid a visit to its cigarette-smoke filled bar on Christmas eve.
To a casual observer, everything was in order because the brothel was not without its flamboyant paraphernalia of coloured lights, blaring music and assortment of enticing and scantily-dressed prostitutes.
But to regular visitors to brothels, things were not well. Intimacy was not in the air and that was the lifeline of brothels and motels 
The observation was confirmed immediately Hawa, a friendly prostitute with a nice shape who NAIJ.com's reporter had met earlier at a banking hall in Ikotun came around.
Hawa, in response to question on the general situation of things on the job, waved her right hand at the low turn-out and gloomy look of waiting prostitutes and said “Buhari has finished us.”
After sipping from her favourite big stout drink which the bar man brought over without an order from her, she went on to tell NAIJ.com how the Christmas has been a disaster for all the girls.
She said:
"If money no dey for Christmas, wetin men wan spend for we wey be ashawo? In all the 5 years that I have been here, this is our worst Christmas.
"All the guys you are seeing now are only here to drink, smoke and enjoy the vibe. They are not coming in to relieve themselves of the extra sperm they carry about. Even those who want it badly are giving us low prices.
"It’s really a terrible situation. The recession is really harming us all. And na that Buhari cause am. Imagine me that used to have customers round the clock during Christmas and New Year period cannot even boast of one customer now.
"I am not sure those guys who always pay extra money to shout ‘Happy New Year’ inside me will even be coming this year. Buhari no do am well at all."
NAIJ.com's observation confirmed Hawa’s submission. Despite low turnout, there were men around, smoking, drinking, and watching a replay match on the television, but there were no price wrangling at a corner and no guys were talking with girls in the passage - the girls were just there, loittering, waiting and hoping as the music blared.
A quick visit to two other brothels in the same vicinity showed that the situation was similar in all the three brothels.

In one of the brothels, a pretty, fair-complexioned prostitute urged NAIJ.com reporter to part with a paltry N800 for a quick one while claiming she gave such an abysmal price because she needed to make something for the festivities.
She also said that there was nothing like 'promo' in her dictionary because that there are already low turn out of men.
The lady who identified herself as Tina also said that in all her years in the prostituting business, this year’s Christmas’ eve was the worst of all. She vehemently blamed President Buhari for the ugly situation.
Tina, who spoke in pidgin English, said:
"Na wa o. Nobody believe say Christmas wey dey bubble before fit be like this o and if no be for that yeye president wey we get for this country, things no go bad like this. When Jonathan dey there, people dey enjoy. That time, for Christmas time like this, business dey move well well. I dey get customer well well. But na only 4 people wey don follow me enter room today. How ashawo wan make money when people no come do? Which kin yeye promo you even dey talk about self?
"No be him cause this recession abi no be him government?”, she said in response to the reporter’s interruption. “The thing wey dey even pain me be say, I don get budget for January next year and I no sure say I fit meet the target now. You see, I no go forgive that Buhari if I no meet my target.
"As the thing dey vex me reach, my brother wey dey support Buhari for our town call me say make I send am money, na curse I curse am. The Buhari wey him support na him spoil business for ashawo now. The man don finish us.
The pain voiced by the prostitutes above reflect the true situation of prostitutes across Lagos.
When NAIJ.com also visited Ojuelegba area of Lagos state on Christmas Day, it was also the same story of low turnout in the different brothels and motels visited.
Judith, a prostitute who also spoke to NAIJ.com only after demanding payment for her ‘precious time’, said that the downturn in the country’s economy was the reason for the low patronage of prostitutes during this year’s Christmas.
She blamed President Buhari for the ugly situation, describing the situation as ‘unprecedented’ in the history of prostitutes in Nigeria to suffer such low turnout during festive season.
"I won’t deceive you; this is probably the worst Christmas ashawo people in Nigeria will be celebrating and for Lagos here, our own still even better. My friend wey dey do ashawo business for Abeokuta don nearly die.
"She call me for phone this afternoon say, she don do only 3 men since yesterday. Imagine and all of them na short time. How much that money go be? For Christmas o, eh! Buhari! Buhari!"
From all the submissions above, indeed, 2016 Christmas has not gone well for Lagos prostitutes and even Nigeria at large but the pink ladies are hopeful that other Christmases which will come their way in the nearest future would be better

I never accused United States Government of helping Boko Haram - Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday said there was no truth in claims in the local and international media that he accused or indicted the United States Government of helping the terrorist group, Boko Haram.

In a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, the President described the reports as widely off mark.

He described the reports as unfortunate misinterpretation and distortion of his remarks at the United States Institute of Peace during his official visit to Washington DC.

He said he made it clear in those remarks, copies of which were circulated to the media, that he was convinced that the United States could never support groups such as Boko Haram.

The statement read in part, “The regrets expressed by President Buhari at USIP about the impact of the application of the Leahy Law on Nigeria’s war against Boko Haram and terrorism cannot be construed as an indictment of President Barack Obama and the United States Government who have publicly and privately declared their preparedness to give the Buhari Administration the fullest possible support and assistance.

“Within the context in which they were made, President Buhari’s comments on the adverse effect of the Leahy Law on Nigeria’s efforts to contain Boko Haram’s atrocious acts of terrorism should only be taken as a passionate appeal for even greater understanding and support from a very powerful and longstanding ally.

“President Buhari has nothing but the highest possible regard for President Obama, the United States Government, the people of the United States, their laws and institutions.

“The President had very successful and useful talks with President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, other high-ranking US government officials and members of United States Congress during his visit to Washington DC.

“It is his expectation that those talks will lead to better mutual understanding and a further deepening of bilateral relations between Nigeria and the United States, especially in Nigeria’s current priority areas of defence and security cooperation.”


US sends more staff to Nigeria in response to Ebola

US health authorities said Friday they are sending extra personnel and resources to Nigeria, which has declared a national emergency as it battles a deadly outbreak of Ebola for the first time.

“We are starting to ramp up our staffing in Lagos,” US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesman Tom Skinner told AFP.

“We are really concerned about Lagos and the potential for spread there, given the fact that Lagos — and Nigeria for that matter — has never seen Ebola.”

Nigeria became the fourth West African country involved in the largest Ebola outbreak in history when a dual US-Liberian citizen who was infected with Ebola traveled by plane to Lagos on July 20. He died five days later.

Eight people who came in contact with him have been diagnosed with Ebola, and two have died.

Ebola has killed 932 people in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria since March, and has infected more than 1,700 according to the World Health Organization.

Experts say Ebola is out of control in West Africa, and the WHO on Friday declared the epidemic an international health emergency and appealed for global aid.

In Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan declared the control and containment of the Ebola virus “a national emergency,” his office said in a statement.

He urged people to avoid large gatherings, and approved the release of $11.6 million to fund measures against the spread of the virus, including setting up isolation centers and increasing screening at borders.

- ‘With a fury’ -

Skinner said CDC personnel are in all affected countries, and that several US personnel already on the ground in Nigeria.

“We helped the folks in Lagos set up an emergency operations center similar to what we do here that can help with organizing the country’s response to the outbreak,” he said.

The US development agency USAID also announced a $12-million boost in aid to help curb the outbreak in West Africa. The funding will be used to support CDC experts and Red Cross campaigns in affected countries and to send equipment, including 105,000 sets of protective gear for health workers.

Earlier this week, the CDC issued an all-hands alert that allows the agency to direct more funding and staff to the crisis.

CDC chief Tom Frieden told lawmakers on Thursday that the agency already has 200 staff working on Ebola response, planned to “increase that number substantially.”

At the same hearing before a House subcommittee, Ken Isaacs of the Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purse warned that the situation in Nigeria was likely to worsen.

“Our epidemiologists believe that what we are going to see is a spike in the disease in Nigeria,” said Isaacs, vice president of programs and government relations.

“It will go quiet for about three weeks and when it comes out, it will come out with a fury.”

The incubation period of Ebola is 21 days, meaning it can take that long between initial exposure to the virus and the appearance of symptoms.

People become contagious as soon as they begin exhibiting symptoms, which include fever, muscle aches, vomiting, diarrhea, and sometimes bleeding.

Ebola first emerged in 1976, and there are no treatments or vaccines on the market.

- ‘Stronger every day’ -

A pair of American missionaries who fell ill with Ebola while treating patients in Liberia were given an experimental serum.

Their health has improved, though experts say it is unclear if the medication is the reason.

Kent Brantly, 33, and Nancy Writebol, 60, were flown out of Liberia and are now being treated at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I am growing stronger every day, and I thank God for his mercy as I have wrestled with this terrible disease,” Brantly wrote from his isolation unit Friday.

“I held the hands of countless individuals as this terrible disease took their lives away from them. I witnessed the horror firsthand, and I can still remember every face and name.”

The Headies was boycotted by Nigerian musicians. That fact was evident as the award show started. A huge number of fans were quick to point out the long rows of reserved seats for nominees and stars who failed to turn up.

The show which held on December 23, 2016, at the Eko Convention Centre, Eko Hotels & Suites, had a very low turnout of celebrities. Their absence was glaring with numerous nominees and awardees absent at the award.

The first reason is that celebrities didn’t really boycott the Headies. A lot of them came too late to be given a seat at the head of the table, or step forward to accept their awards. Over the past two years, the Headies had started the show late in a bid to accommodate the lateness of stars. But this year was different. The organisers decided to kick off the award without the artistes. And the results was poor for TV.

Also, the Headies date for this year is in December, a holiday season when the stars are booked for numerous paid events. With clients to satisfy across the world, many artistes, being businessmen, would rather make the right choice of making money, than showing up at the Headies.

The Headies provides recognition and promotion, but performance fees are the reason why many stars do this, and they will rather be making money than making good waves on TV. This tweet below sums it all up. The Mavins are on their way to Cote D'Ivoire for a concert in Abidjan, while the entire YBNL crew have a paid appearance date at a club in Osogbo.

Finally, many celebrities just don’t care. It’s the truth. After 11 years of attending the Headies, many have become jaded, especially those without nominations or a chance to win anything at the trophy.

Why dress up, and drive down to the Headies, when I have no important role to play? Why? Why come out to watch other artistes win prizes that I also qualify for?

Also, others just want to avoid the limelight of live TV. Unlike what they are familiar with in their careers, the Headies is streamed live to millions of homes across the continent and beyond. As a star, you always have the cameras on you. This means you have to be of your best behavior and stay guarded all through. One wrong facial expression, a misplaced move, and ill-timed gesticulation, and you will forever become the butt of social media jokes, and endless memes. Ask Dija how she felt after last year’s enthusiastic jumping earner the bashing of her life.


Don Jazzy gifts fan N250,000

Mavin Records chief Don Jazzy hasn’t given out money since Nigeria hit recession but that ended yesterday when a female fan of his asked for funds to start her business.

The fan said to the music producer, “hv been ur ELDER Sis here on Twitter 6yrs ago. Ask me wat I need.“, Don Jazzy responded, “Lol that’s very true. And I appreciate. Oya what do u need? Don’t cut my head o. I wee run“.

She responded asking for N250,000 to begin her business. Don Jazzy then said “Ok send your account details. And I wish you all the best in this business. 🙏🏿 Amen,“.

The lady revealed the N250,000 credit alert on her account.

See the tweets belowen
@DONJAZZY hv been ur ELDER Sis here on Twitter 6yrs ago. Ask me wat I need.

As yesterday, December 6 2016 marked the birthday of Mavin artiste, Reekado Banks, the ever-prolific singer decided to surprise his fans by dropping a Freestyle.

Titled ‘Killy Person Freestyle’, Reekado teamed up with Mavin Records talented in-house producer Baby Fresh to make the song.

Reakado Banks, who has no doubt enjoyed a fruitful outing this year, is working hard to surpass his current achievement next year.

Expect more dope tunes from the ‘Problem’ crooner in the coming weeks.

Listen to the freestyle below


Eric Many Frontline act , Runtown is ending the year with the official video for the trending song of the moment ' Mad Over You'. With over One Million downloads in just 4 weeks, the 'Del B' produced song is currently a favorite street anthem home and abroad. 

The video was shot in Lagos, by ace cinematographer Clarence Peters.

Watch it below

New Video: Iyanya ft. Don Jazzy & Dr Sid - Up To Something

Mavin Records presents the official music video of Iyanya’s “Up To Something” which features Don Jazzy & Dr Sid.

Enjoy below

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