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This country is becoming worse under the present leadership, only MMM can sustain us till 2019 - Guilders react to MMM frustration

An atmosphere of confusion, fills the air, regarding the early return of popular money-doubling scheme, Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM).

Investigations reveal that there has been some hiccups in MMM operations within Nigeria, with many participants have much more questions than answers.

News of the return came with so much joy and Nigerians could not contain themselves, however, most guilders expected an immediate return of normal transactions, but that did not go down well for everyone.

Some people, who had applied for their funds were not too comfortable with the scheme’s decision to prioritise payment of micro-investors. Micro-investors, according to MMM managers, are those with least minimal investment.

The new payment limit was also found to be a thing of concern to those who were in a hurry to recoup their investments. Get Help is the phrase for request for payment.

But the Help appeared not to be readily available yesterday. Applications for Get Help were met by this usual aknowledge…