Alex iwobi wants sanchez and ozil to stay at arsenal

Arsenal star Alex Iwobi has revealed that he wants contract rebels, Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil to remain at Arsenal.

With less than 18 months left on their contract, negotiations over new deals for Sanchez and Ozil, prompting exits rumours.
Iwobi, however, believes that both players are very important to Arsenal and wants to them to remain at the club.
Alex Iwobi and Mesut OzilplayAlex Iwobi and Mesut Ozil 
As you can see with the stats and the goals they create, they are very key players in our team and everything offensively almost go through them,” Iwobi told BBC World Service.
But even though we have other players, at the end of the day, there are very world class players so. They are very key to the teams.
“For the club, it will be great for them to say but at the end of it’s the players’ decision and it’s up to them.”
Arsenal players have come under criticism from fans following their miserable form which has seen them crash out of the Champions League and slip to sixth in the Premier League table.
Fans and pundits have also blamed the players for not showing enough fight for the club.
Iwobi, however, reveals that the players are not happy with the recent results and believes their form will improve after the international break.
Everyone is the camp is not happy with what’s going on. We are really trying, everyone in training is pushing on,” the 20-year-old added.
Alex IwobiplayAlex Iwobi believes Arsenal will bounce back after the international break (Getty Images)

I’m sure after this international break, we will kick on.”
“We don’t let outside comment disturb our game. Even though we are on a disappointing spell, we will bounce back and fight for the manager because we are a very good team,” the Nigeria international added.
“Everyone gets criticised by fans, fans due to having opinion, you just can’t react.
“You just have to block out the criticisms at the end of the day. As a play you know where you have to improve on, to work on.
“As a team, we are not going through a good spell, we already know what we need to do. We all know what’s expected of us, we just have to push on really and do what’s right."
Arsenal host Manchester City at the Emirate Stadium on Sunday, April 2 in a Premier League clash.

What TTT thought vs what most Nigerians really think

TTT got his research wrong and it cost him 25 million naira.TTT, one of the 2017 Big Brother Naija housemates was evicted on Sunday, March 19, 2017, and during his conversation with Ebuka, he said a research had shown him that Nigerians have a funny way of treating people once they find out that they are married.
So, I decided to carry out my own research, thus; What TTT thought vs how Nigerians really think.
ThinTallTony evicted from the BBN competitionplayThinTallTony evicted from the BBN competition

I'm not going to pretend that I understood his conversation with Ebuka as I'm not exactly sure about how people treat married people, but, my research has shown me that the housemate lost for several reasons and being married isn't one of them.
During my conversations with some hardcore followers of the show, I discovered that most of them think he played on their emotions, starting from the day he stripped while canvassing for likes amongst his fellow housemates.
After he stripped, he won lots of followers. However, he lost those followers the moment they found out that he was married.
TTT strips on Live TelevisionplayTTT strips on Live Television

He didn't lose them because he was married [that would only prove his research right]. He lost because he chose to keep his wife and kids a secret, called his daughter his God-daughter, told Jon his family members were all dead and said he was single by 'God's grace' - all on Live TV.
At that moment, every past action of his which had appealed to the viewer's emotions were interpreted as manipulative. He didn't just lie or withhold his private life to viewers and his fellow housemates, he became romantically involved with Bisola, who at one time is believed to have given him a blow job on Live TV.
TTT gets evicted from Big Brother NaijaplayTTT gets evicted from Big Brother Naija

It's one thing to keep your private life away from the public, it's another to lie about it and take advantage of people's feelings in the process.
To Nigerians, Bisola is the victim; a woman who was misled by a married man. She became a representation of sidechicks who don't even know that they are one because they have been lied to.
It didn't matter that TTT had the support of his wife, Nigerians took it personal.
Bisola, TTT, TbossplayBisola, TTT, Tboss

TTT chose the wrong game strategy. Nigerians can be very sentimental and he could have appealed to their emotions with his family and beautiful kids.
Better still, he could have separated his family from the game while making sure not to engage in any act that would disrespect something Nigerians consider valuable; family.
TTT didn't lose because he was the most boring housemate, he lost because he didn't carry out a proper research about how Nigerians feel about married men.
Bisola and TTT during kissing festivalplayBisola and TTT during kissing festival

He forgot quickly that Richard, a married man from Tanzania, who wasn't even faithful to his wife on Live TV, won the 2nd edition of Big Brother Africa.
The difference between TTT and Richard? Richard didn't lie about his wife, neither did he proclaim his family dead on live Television.
With 25 million naira gone, one can only hope TTT takes out time to conduct a proper research about how Nigerians really think.
He thought Nigerians would 'think funny' about his marital status - he thought wrongly and it cost him the prize money.

TBoss tells Bisola that TTT has a child

On Saturday April 1st  2017, TBoss casually informed Bisola about TTT having a child.

During a conversation in the dressing room, Bally and Bisola were arguing that there was a spark betweenTTT and Bisola, while the latter kept insisting that they were just friends.
playBally and Bisola
 Further into the conversation Bisola said, "we have a strong bond that will last a very, very long time."
She immediately joked that Bally and TBoss were trying to force something that may never happen.
She asked them, "how sure are you that he's not married?"

TBoss responded to the possibility of TTT being married, saying, "I actually heard a few times in the House that he has a child."
Bisola, who was obviously not expecting her response remained silent for few seconds as her smile melted away.
"I don't know about that. He told me his mom wants him to have a kid because he's 36," Bisola said after seconds of silence.
This isn't the first time Bisola is hearing about the possibility of TTT being married and having kids.
TTT and wife  - TTT and Bisolaplay
TTT and wife  - TTT and Bisola
TTT who was romantically involved with Bisola, failed to mention his marital status to her. During one of their conversations, he described himself as 'single by God's grace.'
Following his eviction from the house, a married TTT told Pulse Nigeria that his relationship with Bisola was just a game.
TTT was evicted on Sunday, March 19, 2017, leaving an upset Bisola.

#BBNaija: Davido And Yung6ix To Perform At The Penultimate Show

#BBNaija: Davido And Yung6ix To Perform At The Penultimate Show
The tenth #BBNaija Live Eviction Show which will be the penultimate show will see Davido and Rapper, Yung6ix excite the gathering of people with exhibitionsDavido, conceived David Adeleke and prominently known as Omo Baba Olowo (OBO), he is a splendid vocalist and maker who needs no presentation as he has been a steady on the Nigerian hit waves with singles such as”Dami Duro”, “Aiye”, “Skelewu”,”Gobe” and all the more as of late, “If.” In 2015 he teamed up with American rapper Meek Mill with the track “Fans Mi.”.He is directly marked to Sony, RCA Records and has his own record organization with his more established sibling called HKN Music.He likewise as of late began another engraving called Davido Music Worldwide. In 2014, he was included in the Africa Rising effort which was intended to rouse Africans to share in group based social speculation ventures.Yung6ix began youthful in the music diversion, having included himself in rap fights and framing a rap squad that passed by the name G-Squad. On the quality of his track, “I’m an African” he was marked to the 411 Entertainment Company in 2009.He has been selected for a few honors yet has so far won the National Act of the year in the Abuja Music and Meritorious Award. He was alluded to as “the King of the South” by MI, in the wake of showing up on MI’s collection “Illicit Music 2.”In 2013 he marked a multi-million naira melodic recording, and administration manage Trick Billionaire Musiq. The arrangement combined Kash Kamp, Yung6ix’s engraving, which he co-claims with Percy and in addition skilled maker Otee Beatz.

Predicting the winner of show via social media

Surfing the Internet on Sunday nights after the weekly Big Brother Naija Live Eviction show can be dramatic.

It is usually at that moment that you realize how personal the game is to most Nigerians, especially, when their least favourite housemates survive eviction, and the least expected leaves the house.
Contrary to polls on various sites and social media platforms, on Sunday, March 26, 2017, TBoss survived yet another eviction, Debie-Rise got saved, and unfortunately, Bassey got evicted.
Bassey, Debbie-Rise, Tboss and Bally are up for possible
Bassey, Debbie-Rise, Tboss and Bally are up for possible eviction.

At the end of the day, there is the question; can social media really determine how a reality show dependent on public votes to produce a winner will pan out? My answer would be No.
According to Doug Bowman, "Social networks are bubbles that trick us into believing everyone else thinks and acts more like us."
On social media and when it comes to reality shows, most people think that because they dislike a particular contestant, every other person feels the same way.
On Sunday, most Twitter users couldn't wrap their heads around why a 'boring' TBoss would be chosen over an entertaining and extremely well behaved Bassey.
The answer and inescapable fact is that most of Bassey's fans failed to vote because social media had led them to believe that viewers wouldn't choose a Debie-Rise or TBoss over Bassey.
So, they focused more on campaigning for the exit of their least favourite housemates, rather than vote for their favourite.

Social media is currently preaching the message of a winner in Efe. What if they get it wrong? After all, how is it possible that when every poll and prediction site said that Hillary Clinton would win, Trump emerged the winner?
Though there are cases where the most popular or a contestant with the most social media presence emerges the winner, it is rarely the case.
Just because somebody constantly engages with a tweet, doesn't mean that they have voted or will vote for a particular contestant. Also, there are usually more followers offline who are only interested in voting.

A quick look at contestants with high social media presence who have lost in the past; Chike from The Voice Nigeria, Joe Blue from The Voice Nigeria and Tayo Faniran from Big Brother Africa among others.
When it comes to competitions that rely on votes to produce a winner, anyone can emerge the winner.
Social media is perfect for creating awareness and engagements, but, it is the least effective tool to predict a winner.

‘How I resisted my sexual urges in the Big Brother Naija house’ – Bassey

The ex-BBNaija housemate at Thenetng earlier today

  • Bassey also claims nothing really went down under the sheets in the house.
Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Bassey has revealed how he curbed his sexual urges while in the house.
Known for his gentlemanly conduct in the house, Bassey told Thenetng in an exclusive chat today that he, like every other human being, had his own moments.
In his words, ‘I had my moments when I woke up with a hard on and I was like, damn, Bisola or Marvis, if I catch you.’
He added, ‘I mean, sometimes, I would have a strong hard on, but at the end of the day, I had to think about what one wants to do with one’s life.
‘So I said I’d rather toe my life to where I’d be proud of, rather than where I will like to keep apologising, I made my own mistakes too, but I would not want that to make me.’
Bassey also claims nothing really went down under the sheets as we all believe.
‘To be honest, no one in the house did any X-rated thing, all the humping we saw below the sheets were just mere postures, although we kissed a lot of times, everyone represented the house to the fullest,’ he said.
He also stated that his attraction to the show came from the thoughts that he saw it as a platform to ride on.
‘Every young person needs that platform to grow, so I said, why not just try it and I went for the auditions and I am grateful for the opportunity to show what I’ve got.’

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