Day 74: Chilling with Ebuka and Karen

They both have first hand experience being contestants on the show and have gone on to enjoy massive success in their respective fields so who better to prepare our final five for what awaits them, than Ebuka and Karen. Ebuka was the first to come in before revealing that he had a special guest for them before introducing Big Brother Africa winner, Karen to racous applause. Some cake and champagne were then brought in and everyone sat around the dining room table and caught up like old friends.
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Karen was as real as ever and when it came time to dole out advice she told the Housemates to brace themselves for enemies that were going to come their way trying to be friends. She opened about people mocking her and calling her ugly before the show but commending her for her beauty as soon as she'd won the money. "You accept me? You Love me? You don't? That's for you! Don't let anyone bring you down. Know your worth." While everyone appreciated the lesson in self love she also cautioned them to not over indulge and get arrogant. "Always remember where you come from. Don't walk over people."
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The Housemates were impressed with her with TBoss, Bisola and Efe all noting that she was a real as real gets. In fact they all said exactly the same thing  in their Diary Sessions with Biggie. "She's exactly the same person we used to watch on TV". Being that it was her special day, she demanded that the Housemates treat her to some music and they gladly complied with Debie-Rise singing her Happy Birthday before Efe and Bisola dropped a rap verses in her honour. 
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Having gotten knocked out of the running before winning Ebuka had some sobbering but very pragmatic words of wisdom for the Housemates. He revealed how his career didn't take off until nearly six months after his Eviction. "Yes, there will be lots of love!" he said but he advised them not get discouraged if the bookings and money don't start rolling in immediately. "Being broke and famous is a real thing! I was the last one to catch a break."
He also revealed that he'd been very depressed after getting Evicted because he was a lawyer and had no background in entertainment so unlike the others, winning the money was his main objective. Lastly, Ebuka told them to find what they were good at and pursue that because they might find success outside of the limelight. He cited Katung as an example of someone who's enjoyed monumental success, behind the scenes.
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The Housemates then cut the cake and shared it out. Ebuka said he was hungry and Marvis whipped him up a quick meal. It's no secret she has the biggest crush on him and she called it "the perfect visit" in her Diary Session later. They then danced and drank champagne before the buzzer sounded for Ebuka and Karen to leave.
However, that wasn't before they revealed that Jon and Ese were fake Housemates and there were no other left in the House which only left everyone speculating who the third one was with people seeming to settle on Bally. Have look at the moment they sang Happy Birthday for Karen and let us know your favourite moment from the visit.

#BBNaija: Meet 3 superstars that will perform in BBNaija Finale

3 superstars that will perform in BBNaija Finale: Big Brother Naija will end this Saturday, The 3 super stars that will perform at the grand finale has been announced. Big Brother Naija reality show started January 22, 2017 and will end this Saturday April 9 2017.

Meet 3 superstars that will perform in BBNaija Finale

The following super star has been invited to perform in BBNaija grand finale.
2Face Idibia
Tubaba will be performing live in this year Big Brother Naija grand finale. You can afford to mis this for anything.
Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage will be performing. meet her there.
Runtown will be performing.

3 superstars that will perform in BBNaija Finale

The two-hour live show will produce a winner between Bisola, TBoss, Efe, Marvis and Debie-Rise based on viewer’s votes.
The 2017 Big Brother Naija ‘See Gobe’ edition will see the winner take home 25 million Naira and a brand new SUV Jeep. 3 superstars that will perform in BBNaija Finale

5 things you probably missed on day 73

Efe during his diary session play
Efe during his diary session

Day 73 of the Big Brother Naija show was more about workouts, truth and dare and arguments.

From Bisola's interest in a threesome to TBoss' misunderstanding with Debie-Rise over the national anthem, check out five things you missed on day 73.
1. During a truth and dare game, Bisola revealed that she would love to have a threesome with a guy she likes and a girl she doesn't know.

2. During the truth and dare game which this time didn't involve an alcohol, Efe revealed that he had hooked up with two sisters before.
3. Things took a bad turn however when Debie-Rise dared TBoss to recite the first and second verses of the Nigerian National Anthem. TBoss struggled for a moment before calling Debie-Rise a "wicked person" for asking her to sing something she'd learnt in another language and hadn't sung in years.

4. TBoss broke down in tears, accusing Debie-Rise of undermining her in a critical week. Bisola had to intervene and ask her to be mindful of what she was going to say before insisting that Debie-Rise would never do anything to deliberately hurt her.
In her defense, Debie-Rise said she too was hurt that TBoss would even suggest that she'd do something to undermine.
An emotional TBoss didn't care as she retorted by saying she was extremely upset and that Debie-Rise didn't have a right to tell her how to feel.
5. Biggie asked the housemates which super power they would love to have. Efe and Bisola both picked the ability to fly, while TBoss and Marvis picked teleportation

Big Brother Naija: T-boss becomes new head of house

Big Brother Naija housemate, T-boss was on Thursday crowned the new head of house in the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality show.
T-boss was crowned by fellow housemate Marvis, who got the crown on Wednesday following the new order by “Biggie.”
Biggie had said all the housemates will take turns to wear the crown this week.
This is coming a day after T-boss got into a fight with fellow housemate, Debie-Rise over her inability to recite the National Anthem during a truth or dare game on Wednesday night.
However, T-Boss realized her mistake and has apologized to Debbie-Rise, saying, “You know you are my best friend here right?” while hugging Debbie.
Debbie-Rise was the first housemate to benefit from the crown rotation when she was chosen as head of house by Bisola on Tuesday.

Big Brother Naija: Nigerians blast Tboss for failing to recite National Anthem

The inability of Tboss to recite the National Anthem on Wednesday has generated mixed reactions.
As the housemates in the on-going Big Brother Naija show lounged around, Debie-rise asked Tboss to sing Nigeria’s national anthem, but she failed to get past the first few lines of the song to the amusement of other contestants.
Although Tboss herself laughed off the incident, she confronted Debie-rise later when they were both alone and claimed she set her up. Tboss also said that her chances of winning the grand prize of N25million has reduced because of the incident.
However, the incident did not go down well with Nigerians, who took to social media to blast the tattooed mixed-race contestant, who they described as “manipulative”.
Some members of her supporters who called themselves ‘Boss Nation’, even threatened to suspend voting for her to win.
See some tweets below:
Skinny Lover @Kuchiiiii: You Tboss fans are annoying. I’m saying you because as from today, I seize to be a Tboss nation. I can’t stand people like this.
Chidi Okereke @Chydee: See Beyoncé singing Nigeria’s national anthem. But you people are making excuses for TBoss. Smh. #BBNaija
IkennaRonald Nzimora@ronaldnzimora:TBoss – Everlasting whiner and victim. Debbie Rise – Everlasting door mat. No wonder they always hang. One sheds tears, the other licks it
That Andy @AndyMadaki: Lol some1 just asked me who to vote for to win #BBNaija. I couldn’t answer with my chest. TBoss is on suspension till she apologise to Debie
UNdirty Niger Delta. @Karibiba: Can you see the pattern? TBoss is never wrong. She can’t sing the national anthem and somehow Debie Rise is to blame 😂 yeye #BBNaija
Infamous Minded @PRODEEGY: Tboss attitude stinks. What kind of human is this?#BBnaija
Kurt Mink Adesoji @MinkailAdesoji: Efe kept on talking about Tboss’s manipulative skills at every nomination session. The boy knows. #bbnaija
John Ndidi Okonkwo@JohnNdidiOkonk1: Just imagine tboss telling debby-rise that she has ruined her chances of winning as if debby came to roast fish in the house hmmm #bbnaija
Baalè Baroka @Seyi__: I won’t vote in this BBN thing until I am sure my vote will ensure TBoss doesn’t win. She is a horrible character. Manipulative cry baby.
Wale @olawale_babo: I know this is a game buh Tboss is displaying her natural sef. A manipulator and sore loser, always blaming others for her downfall #bbnaija‎

Big Brother Naija: Efe confirms sex with 2 sisters, Bisola declares desire for threesome

On her part, Bisola said she​ had always been keen to ​know what sex with more than one person would be like.

​Big Brother Naija housemates, Efe and Bisola on Wednesday spoke about their sex lives​.
​Biggie had ordered housematesoutside to ‘play Truth or Dare’ till lights out.
​T​here was no alcohol involved and ​any one who couldn’t go through with what ​he or she was asked to do had to drink a whole bottle of water​.
The dares ranged from splits to cartwheels​.
​In his revelation, ​Efe said he​ once ​hooked up with two sisters​.
He revealed that he and the duo all had good sex.
She said: “​I would like to have a threesome with a guy ​I really like and a babe​ ​I d​on’t know. I’m just curious”.
The 2017 Big Brother Naija ‘See Gobbe’ edition will end ​on​ Sunday after over 2 months of competition, drama, betrayal and intrigues.
The final will see the winner take home N25m aside other juicy prizes.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp urges his players to be like Chelsea and see games out

Jurgen Klopp wants his Liverpool players to be more like Chelsea
Jurgen Klopp wants his Liverpool players to be more like Chelsea
Jurgen Klopp has urged his Liverpool players to be more like Chelsea as they bid to secure Champions League football next season.
The Reds are third in the Premier League but only six points ahead of fifth-placed Arsenal, who have two matches in hand, after an 87th-minute equaliser from Josh King earned Bournemouth a 2-2 draw at Anfield on Wednesday.

Liverpool have sometimes struggled to get results over the line this season but Klopp blamed a lack of experience and said they would do well to follow the example of Chelsea, who have dropped just eight points from winning positions this term compared to the Reds, who have dropped 15.

Liverpool 2-2 Bournemouth
"Probably [if it was] Chelsea, for example, the opponent would not have the ball three times in the last 20 minutes I think," Klopp said.
"Yes, we don't have this experience. Probably you need things like last night to get more experience than this, even though [the result] was not that good.
Chelsea have dropped just eight points from winning positions this season
Chelsea have dropped just eight points from winning positions this season
"On the other hand, we've probably still scored the most goals in the Premier League so far [66 - five more than Arsenal], so it's part of the game that we try to create moments all the time. We have to get more experience in this, for sure."
Divock Origi, who made it two goals in as many games with what he thought would be the winner against Bournemouth, insists it is not the time to panic.
Liverpool conceded a late equaliser against Bournemouth
Liverpool conceded a late equaliser against Bournemouth
"The situation is not dramatic, we still have a lot to play for and we took a point," the Belgium international told "If you look at the game, we put a lot of energy in, a lot of work, and we created a lot of chances but the details count at this level.
"We have to sit down and see what went wrong and what was good and move forward, because there are still a lot of points to play for.
Divock Origi scored to give Liverpool a 2-1 lead
Divock Origi scored to give Liverpool a 2-1 lead
"We just have to stay strong and in a couple of days we have Stoke, a very important game, and football [moves] quick so let's try and go and win this game. We knew that the race would be tight but, as you've seen, other teams that go for the top four can drop points as well.
"We all know that we have one goal. We have to move forward and make sure that the things that went less well don't happen again and just try and take as many points as possible."

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