Meet African 15-year-old boy who makes and repairs things (photos)

Africa is often regarded as the one of the place where raw talent could be found because of the type of people found within the continent.

 This is the place where talented individuals are not limited by their educational qualification as there are many uneducated folks producing remarkable works of art despite not having the opportunity to learn within the walls of a classroom.

Meet African boy who make and repairs things (photos)

 Nazma Walker, the 15-year-old African boy with gifted hands. Nazma Walker, a 15-year-old boy from Ghana has shared his story and has gone widespread. The young chap has ‘gifted hands’ that can make and repair things. He believes that is his gifted job. 

Unlike many youngsters who rely on their parents and guardians to lead them, Walker already knows what he wants to be in future.
Meet African boy who make and repairs things (photos)
 One of the inventions of the young boy.

 The dream of the 15-year-old African boy is to become an engineer. Like some lucky teenagers, Walker does not have to waste his time trying to figure out what to do with his time while growing up as his talent can fetch him good fortune if properly harnessed. 

We gathered that the young boy who lives in Ghana spends an appreciable period of time working on his projects. Like most talented and creative persons in the society, Walker considers everything useful.

 The word 'waste' does not count as he is always looking for ways of creating remarkable brilliant inventions from objects often ignored by people. 

Meet African boy who make and repairs things (photos)
One of Walker's brilliant invention. 

"I make and repair things, but I know that I can be an engineer. It's my gifted job. I spent a week on it.”

 Walker creates objects that range from flashlights, small size cars and other things that amuse him. He uses voltic box, flashlights, chargeable batteries and wires to create some of his brilliant pieces.

Meet African boy who make and repairs things (photos)

Some of the objects the talented young boy uses for his project. Walker who studies at Abiriw Presby JHS school at Abiriw-Akuapem (eastern region) also told us that he spends all he has on the projects. The talented boy stated that he is not from a rich background and would appreciate it if he got sponsors so he would be able to put his talent to good use. 

 The world would be a better place if all the talented people in the society are given a chance. This way, they would be able to contribute to the growth and development of the society. Walker is one engineer you should watch out for in the nearest future. 

Despite the law, here are 11 reasons Nigerians are jumping into Lagos lagoon

Despite the law, here are 11 reasons Nigerians are jumping into Lagos lagoon

The city of Lagos, known for its aquatic beauty, is sadly turning out ugly stories. The once beautiful water fronts and creeks now appear to hold a major attraction for desperate Nigerians who want to end their lives tragically.
Such has been the tale in the last few weeks. Before then, there had been isolated cases of frustrated citizens choosing suicide as quick escape route to the many, and everyday challenges, of survival.
The incidents of the past few days have raised immediate concerns having occurred in quick succession.
Sunday, March 19, a lady known as Emerald, plunged into the Mile 2 creeks at Mazamaza on a suicide bid but was rescued by some good Samaritans. Later same day, the state witnessed the more celebrated story of Dr. Allwell Orji who stopped his car in the middle of the popular Third Mainland bridge, and took a dive into the lagoon. His mutilated body was fished out three days after.
On Friday, another two suicide attempts were recorded. The more famous of the two is the case of the aged woman, Abigail Ogunyinka, from Ketu who jumped into the lagoon at Ebute Ero, but was rescued by vigilante fishermen. The police authorities in Lagos, led by Fatai Owoseni, named one Taiwo Titilayo as the second lady who made another suicide bid off Third Mainland Bridge on Friday.
An interesting dimension to the ugly incidents is that most Nigerians are not even aware that the act of attempting a suicide is frowned at by the Nigerian constitution. Indeed, it is considered a criminal offense punishable with a year’s imprisonment!
By virtue of Section 327 of the Criminal Code “Any person who attempts to kill himself is guilty of a misdemeanor, and is liable to imprisonment for one year”. The penal code (Nigeria Penal Code, Chapter 27, Section 327) isn’t shy of making provisions, “Any person who attempts to kill himself is guilty of a misdemeanor, and is liable to imprisonment for one year.”
The law, as it stands, exists to penalise the hapless ones who fail to complete their mission, while the successful ones, with greater liability, who are now beyond the reach of the same law, are exempted from punishment.
Although attempted suicide is a crime in Nigeria, actual prosecutions against those who attempt it appear to be rare. However, a significant number of those who make an attempt to terminate their lives may have a wide range of psychological, economic, personality and social pathologies that push them to the cliff of mental disequilibrium, such that they resort to such a seeming absurdity.

The big question is, why are Nigerians jumping to their deaths, using the Lagos lagoon as a safe haven for a quick trip to the world beyond? Here are 11 reasons citizens may be expressing absolute disgust with their lives and choosing suicide as get-away from all the challenges of life:
1. Depression: According to Dr. Raphael Ogbolu, a Consultant Psychiatrist with the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, hopelessness is more likely, the strongest indication that will warrant someone to kill him or herself.  “A medical condition like depression alters the way one thinks and makes you ‘truly’ believe that there is no hope”. The case of Dr. Orji cannot be far-fetched as it was reported that he had failed a major exam. To him, all hope was lost, and then the essence of living is lost. This is traceable to virtually all cases of suicide in the country.
2. Economic Hardship: The economic recession and inflation has had its toll on Nigerians, particularly ‘the common man’ who is either struggling to keep his/her business afloat or feeding from hand to mouth. So is the case of Abigael Ogunyinka, the aged woman who had borrowed money from a Micro Finance bank to run her ‘amala business’ and had defaulted to the tune of N150,000.00. Mama decided to end her life because of her inability to pay her debt and the embarrassment she’s likely to face. With interest rates remaining at double digits, what are the possibilities that many more loan defaulters won’t reason the way mama Abigael did?. Bala Zakka, an economist could not agree less about the effect of the economic hardship on people. He said, “the country has failed to think towards that direction, people are suffering economically, companies are gearing towards closing up and it is having a ripple effect on workers, it is very psychological and the holding limits is fast being exceeded”.
3. Drug Abuse: In Nigeria, a higher percentage of youths and middle-aged have had a taste of banned intoxicating substances; Indian hemp, marijuana, codeine, cocaine, alcohol, to Name a few.. Many have blamed their addiction on lack of job, peer pressure, motivation and so on. These substances are abused as the mind craves for more to take the worry away. The trend is fast becoming a norm as youths no longer hide while abusing these substances. Although, no recent reported incidence has been traced to drugs, it has had its fair share in suicide cases.
4. Mistakes: The decision to commit suicide due to mistake or negligence as the case may be is narrowed down to how the victim pre-empts the reaction of people when they find out their reasons for committing suicide. Again, Mama Abigael probably had started to blame herself in the first place for collecting the loan for her amala business that is looking impossible to pay back. Mama’s example to intending loan collectors is; “do not collect loan if you are not sure of how to pay back, and if you do, Lagos lagoon is just a bus ride away”.
5. Unemployment/Financial problem: With a poor economy, many people lose their jobs and look for new ones, but since the competition is fierce, landing a new job, and a good one at that, can be difficult. In many cases being unemployed not only makes people feel as if they have no purpose in life, it can lead to depression over lack of an income as well. Employment provides most people with a sense of purpose and belonging to a specific group or company. The financial stress can take a major toll on a person’s mental health. People who are struggling financially sometimes see no end in sight to their debt and bills. In Nigeria’s difficult economy, most people are living on the edge because of unemployment or underemployment.
6. Relationship problems: Some people have difficulties making friends and maintaining a close group for socialization. Others struggle with staying in abusive relationships just so that they can avoid feeling isolated and lonely, not feeling appreciated, or going through break-ups. As far as romantic relationships are concerned, the act of a break-up can trigger intense feelings of depression, anxiety, guilt and panic leading a person to deal with a lot of emotional pain. Often times most people commit suicide as a result of break-up.
7.  Terminal illness/chronic pains: Many people with terminal illnesses that have no hope of improving their situation based on current science and medicine may become depressed. The case of Dr. Allwell Orji who is alleged to be a sickle cell patient probably felt powerless about his condition. People with terminal illnesses or people with chronic pains might just feel justified to end their pains and that of their loved ones by taking their life.
8. Trauma/Stress (Post Traumatis Stress Disorder, PTSD): People who have been through traumatic experiences like wars, sexual assault, losing a loved one or any terrifying ordeal may develop Post Traumatic Stress disorder. They feel tensed and are easily startled which can make them angry and irritable all the time. It wounds a person’s sense of self, their value, their worth and they no longer feel secure in this world and thus they are driven to the idea of suicide to end it all. A case recalled is that of a middle aged woman in Lagos who lost her only child and husband; she resulted to committing suicide, but was rescued by her mother.
9.  Mental illness: For those who have killed themselves from bipolar disorder or other forms of mental illness. Driving across major highways in Lagos, you will witness a good number of mentally unbalanced people who are exposed to the dangers of being hit by a vehicle, a case that comes to mind is a recent incident along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, where a mentally unbalanced man was hit while walking in the centre of the expressway. His mental state can be the cause for such suicidal act.
10.  Bullying: Bullying can have a profound effect on the way people think and how they feel. Most people that are bullied end up feeling extremely depressed, worthless, and hopeless to change their situation. In many cases, bullying goes completely unrecognized until the victim can’t take it anymore and sees suicide as the only way to escape the pain that they are experiencing. Although, most reported cases of bullying in the country have been met with strict penalties, but the concern is, how many victims speak out? Bullying can take the shape of verbal and non-verbal (Physical) and sometimes emotional.
11. Lack of adequate specialists: Most hospitals in the country, especially public health institutions lack specialist psychiatrists or psychologists to handle cases that could eventually lead to suicidal thoughts. These professionals are few in-between, and mostly available to the rich, with the common man left to his fate.
Nearly everyone has experienced suicidal thoughts at one point or another throughout their existence. Everyone deals with tough times, but some people have been dealt a tougher hand when it comes to life circumstances, post trauma, mental and/or physical illness, social standing and ability to cope with depressive emotions. How such cases are handled is what makes the difference.

Islamic words shown on a Tree again!!!

Residents of Ijegun Lagos state were very surprised and shocked on Friday, March 24, after they discovered seeing Allah’s name appear on a pawpaw tree, reports. ‘Allahu’ appears on a pawpaw tree in Ijegun

Residents Of Ijegun Screamed After ‘Allahu’ Appears On A Pawpaw Tree (Photos & Video)

 Lagos state gathered that the pawpaw tree had been there for a long time 
and no one noticed this strange thing until a young boy d about to bring down an over riped pawpaw. After discovering this strange thing, the young boy went into the neigborhood to tell others about the unbelievable news.

 See more photos below:
Residents Of Ijegun Screamed After ‘Allahu’ Appears On A Pawpaw Tree (Photos & Video) 
Allah's name appears mysteriously on pawpaw tree in Lagos state Residents Of Ijegun gather to see the name of Allah that appeared on a pawpaw tree

Residents Of Ijegun Screamed After ‘Allahu’ Appears On A Pawpaw Tree (Photos & Video) 

 An eyewitness said, “Have been living in the village for about 4 years and sometimes comes to this pawpaw tree but have never found the thing on the tree”. In the video below residents of Ijegun screamed after seeing Allah's name appear on a pawpaw 


Teacher allegedly breaks female student’s head for refusing to be his lover (photos)

 The story of how a male secondary school teacher, assaulted a female student identified as, Victoria, as gone viral on social media because she refused to be his lover in Imo state.

Teacher allegedly breaks female student’s head for refusing to be his lover (photos)
      Victor's head

Victoria's head According to a Facebook user, Uzuegbu Prosper, who shared the story, he said a SS2 student of Ubomiri Girls Secondary School was on Thursday, March 23, attacked by her teacher who was posted from Alvan Ikeokwu Federal College of Education, Owerri Imo state.

Teacher allegedly breaks female student’s head for refusing to be his lover (photos)

 He disclosed that the unidentified teacher committed the act after he was involved in a heated argument with the victim during her second term examination. In the post, Victoria revealed that the teacher had for long been disturbing and threatening her to be his lover. Read full post below: Teacher allegedly breaks female student’s head for refusing to be his lover


I am particularly and pathetically troubled and perturbed about the way and manner some people can be deliberately dreaded and cruel. Just for nothing. This is a story of a SS2 student of Ubomiri Girls' Secondary School, Miss Victoria by name, who was ruthlessly and wickedly planked by a Teaching Practice student from Alvan Ikeokwu Federal College of Education, Owerri, Imo state. According to this extremely pained student, she lamented how this young man had been disturbing and pestering her life for a long time ago since he was posted in the aforementioned school. He got the rare opportunity and committed this height of cruelty, when these students were writing their 2nd term exam, yesterday, 23rd March, 2017.

 I was reliably informed that they (students) were busy writing exam having given a short time near to school dismissal. They were not satisfied with what they have put in paper. Particularly, he got to her and started dragging the answer sheet and bantering words with the student. This is morally and socially unacceptable and condemnable. 'He has been disturbing and threatening me to be his lover, of which I wouldn't like to, owing to the fact that, I'm still a training child and student. I am extremely pained. I am emotionally and psychologically traumatized over this wickedness exhibited by someone who supposed to be my teacher, now turned to my tormentor.”

 Watch related video below:

London School of Economic denies Melaye attended institution

- Senator Dino Melaye is in a web of scandal over his academic qualification - The Senator claimed he graduated from several universities - The LSE said there was no record of his name in the school Senator Dino Melaye’s current scandal concerning his academic qualification took another wrong turn after the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) denied that he got a degree from the institution. The senator from Kogi has been accused of not graduating from the Ahmadu Bello University where he studied geography although he has insisted that he did while also claiming that he has several degrees from various universities in Nigeria and abroad. READ ALSO: Saraki, Senators move to suspend ex-majority leader Ndume Senator Ali Ndume had raised a point of order asking the Senate to probe the allegation that Melaye did not graduate from ABU as claimed. In response, Melaye had lashed out at the Senator saying not only did he graduate from Abu but claimed he also has a degree from Harvard. He had said: “I and here to respond to the issue raised by the Boko Haram suspect (and) senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Ali Ndume. I want to say, to me, it is a welcome development. Democracy is about investigation and no senator is above investigation. To me, it is a welcome development and it will finally clear the air on all the malicious and vindictive allegations. “To say that I did not graduate from ABU is to say that I am not a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. ABU is a very prestigious university in this country and it is not possible for one to be running a master’s programme in the university when one did not graduate from a university.London School of Economic denies Melaye attended institution I have successfully completed one and I am doing the second one. “I want to announce that this is the eighth degree that I am pursuing. I am also a graduate of University of Abuja, where I did Masters in Policy Analysis. I am a graduate of London School of Economics and Political Science. I am also a graduate of Harvard University. The course I am pursuing now will make it my eighth degree.” READ ALSO: Just In: Tears flow in Benue, as soldiers' stray bullet kills teenager, injures others According to Sahara Reporters however, the LSE denied that the Melaye attended the institution. Candy Gibson who is the senior media relations officer at the institution said: “We have checked our records and can find no evidence of Dino Melaye having any degree qualification from the London School of Economics and Political Science.” This is coming just as Harvard University also said he did not obtain a degree but only did a one-week course. Some persons who commented on the issue urged the senator who publish his certificate.London School of Economic denies Melaye attended institution


- A teenage boy has been killed by the stray bullets of soldiers in Benue state - Some other persons also sustained injuries in the incident - The soldiers reportedly engaged local vigilantes in a duel to free suspected herdsmen A cloud of tension and fear hangs over Benue state, even as tears again flow, following the death of a teenage boy killed by soldiers’ stray bullets in Jato Aka village. Several others were reportedly wounded in the incident which stemmed from an altercation between soldiers attached to the 707 Special Forces Brigade in Makurdi, and a vigilance group. The Guardian reports that it all began when a vigilance group arrested some gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen. Just In: Tears flow in Benue, as soldiers' stray bullet kills teenager, injures others According to a source in the village, the suspects were said to have called some soldiers stationed in Kashimbila camp whose attempt to forcibly free them was resisted by the youths. This, the source added, led the soldiers to shoot into air to disperse the crowed, leading to the death of the boy, whose name was given as Ayem Atume. The late boy, a student, was said to be taking his lunch in his compound near the scene of the incident when the bullet killed him. The tragedy has reportedly created tension in the village as it happened a day after some unidentified gunmen in military uniform attacked a yam market in Zaki Biam, in Ukum Local Council area, killing many people. Others who reportedly sustained injuries in the attack were Gbenda Lukera, Orngu Aondoga, Kator Atime, Aondongu Amenga, Terseer Deban Igbalumun Sam Aya and two others yet to be identified. When the police Public Relations Officer, Moses Yamu, was contacted for confirmation, he referred our correspondent to the army spokesperson. The army representative, Major Olabisi Ayeni, who is an Assistant Director, 707 Army Special Forces Brigade, Makurdi, confirmed the incident. He explained that some youths had mounted an illegal roadblock on the Jato-Taraba road and arrested some innocent road users. He said: “They were indiscriminately lynching the suspects on the allegation that they were Fulani herdsmen. When our soldiers got a distress call, they moved into the scene and were able to rescue seven of the people whom we evacuated to our base in Jato. “While this was going on, the aggrieved youths regrouped and surrounded the military base camp, demanding that the seven commuters be handed over to them. They became aggressive by throwing stones into the camp and later fired gunshots., which killed the boy and destroyed our operational vehicles.” Olabisi denied the claim that the troops were protecting the Fulani herdsmen This development is coming on the his of reports that a police special forces team has landed in Benue to ensure tranquility in the state. had earlier reported that the death toll between 10th to 20th March has risen to 60 in Benue state, following alleged attacks by suspected Fulani herdsmen. A special tactical force assigned by the Nigeria’s police chief, Ibrahim K Idris, to deal with the continuing violence, has landed in the state. The police special tactical force is to comprise of Police Mobile Force (PMF specially trained Anti Riot Policemen), Counter Terrorism Units, Conventional Policemen, Special Anti Robbery Squad, SIB, detachment of EOD, Police K9 (Sniffer Dogs Section), Police Air wing (Aerial Surveillance Helicopters) and other undercover operatives. According to a police statement obtained by , the police special tactical force is led by the commissioner of police in charge of PMF, Force Headquarters in Abuja, under the supervision of deputy Inspector General of Police, department of operations. Just In: Tears flow in Benue, as soldiers' stray bullet kills teenager, injures others

“My game plan in the house was just to be there for everybody”

Ekemini Ekerette aka Kemen Excerpts below: On how he got into the Big Brother Naija house I saw the advert on TV like any other person and after my mum and sister encouraged me to try it out, I eventually did and the rest is history. Initially, I had tried Gulder Ultimate Search but I didn’t make the final list. But I eventually got into the Big Brother house.  On how he feels watching other housemates in the house I still watch the show from time and I am a fan. There is nothing we did not do in that house. We have been actors, musicians, artists, designers and everything. It was a wonderful experience altogether. On his game plan in the house For me, my game plan was just being there for everybody. I like analyzing things a lot and because of this, I became an aproko because I was able to get into the heads of every housemate and influence their decision. And my plan worked because I was not nominated for six weeks. But I no be aproko for real life. On his many kisses with the ladies in the house I had to magnify a lot of things and make them look bigger than they look. Going into the house, I always knew I was going to use the Big Brother Naija platform well to my advantage and my plan worked because I was the one with most memes from the show. On what he is doing to redeem his image In all that has happened, I have learnt a lesson so in recognition of this, I am embarking on a 5 kilometer run tagged #Iamconcious because it is necessary as humans to be conscious of how we act. With this campaign I hope to make Nigerians conscious of doing the right thing. READ ALSO: Jon Ogah speaks on his time in the Big Brother Naija house On who he thinks will win the show I think Efe will go home with the money based on his popularity on social media and all. For Bisola, her fans were distracted by her romance with ThinTallTony's Abisola Alawode and Big Brother Naija's Kemen during their interview session. On what really happened between himself and TBoss The truth is the Nigerians have decided to move on from what happened. I am very disappointed in myself for what happened. I disappointed my family, friends, family and everyone who supported me. And for every woman that felt offended by my action, I apologized. I would speak more on the situation when TBoss is out of the house“My game plan in the house was just to be there for everybody”

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